Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ember Series Announcement

Ember Series Hiatus...

Big news for my Ember Heads about the future of my YA/PARANORMAL series. Some will see this is as bad news, BUT it is not. It's the BEST of news for the future of the series.

Ember series is on hold for the moment.

This will not affect the work that is already out, Ember, Downpour, and Seasons In Ash. They will still be available for purchase and review, BUT Aftershock (book 3) is now on hold. Why? Because as this writing journey has progressed, I find myself wanting the best for my work, and beloved series. Recently, certain aspects of my series have been...ummm... How do I say this politely?... 

Borrowed. Copied. Duplicated.

AND I'm over it.

I'm ready for the next level in the journey of MAX, ASIA, and SAM. Therefore, a change is in order. I'm talking about NEW covers, NEW edits, NEW perspectives, and even NEW book titles. Don't worry though, it will still be the emotional, and musical roller coaster you all have come to love and stalk. My publisher, and inner circle are excited and very much a part of this decision, and support these upcoming growing pains, completely.

The NEW ideas are limitless!!! AND, when the new fresh coat of paint is dry, there will be a HUGE relaunch of the series with plenty of fresh swag and prizes! I promise.

I'm currently refreshing the stories, and hammering out the NEW covers. They will be completely original, and hopefully I'll have an official announcement on the "amazing talent(s)" that will be bringing your favorite FIRE-STARTER to life. I. Can't. Wait. 

As the NEW, refreshed Ember Series readies itself to burn brighter than ever before, I ask of YOU ALL, my dear, Ember Heads...patience, trust, and hope. I'm nervous, yet excited to take this next step. I will be including YOU ALL on the next steps, as I go. Heck, I will probably even be taking votes on which images and merchandise to use, as they become available. Ember's fires belong to all of YOU, and that will never change.

2014 will be BIG-BADA-BOOM!!!
Thank you!!!

As the mighty Max Valentine always says...

..."I burn for you."

~ Mads ~

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thank You!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the blitz tour and contest. You all rock!!!