Monday, May 21, 2012

Seether - Here and Now

Music Monday...

This song has become quite important to my writing of the Ember series. It just fits all the tones and emotions going on throughout the saga...

Here's the acoustic version...I hope you enjoy it. Burn on...M.


  1. I have this song on my playlists and every time it comes on my mind goes "Ember". To me it became Ember's theme song. I am a sucker for a man and a guitar so I love this acoustical version. Thanks for passing it on!
    Do I really have to wait until November for Downpour???? Couldn't you just sneek it out earlier....well, not sneek, so I would actually know it was out!

    1. Lots of Seether's music works well with Ember. Thanks for sharing! :)

      I may have some surprises for everyone to ease the wait of Downpour's release. Feel free to spread the fires of Ember while you wait though. Let's get the world excited for book 2! ;)

      Read on! Rock on! ~ M.