Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ember Movie Casting.

Casting Call Thursday!

Another week, another choice for the next big movie franchise! Ember will be a movie one day...I promise you that! So, let's not waste anymore time and cast the series. Last week it was the hot-headed fire-starter Max Valentine. This week, the beautifully haunted rainmaker Asia Michaels is in the spotlight.

Asia needs to be tall, strong, angry and impossibly cold at times. With dark hair and crystal blue eyes. I have cast her role before (feel free to scroll the past posts to see...) but this week I'll go with a pick that was given to me...Amber Heard.

She is usually a blonde but with the darker locks she actually fits quite well...

Feel free to add your own thoughts and choice...we'll meet here again next week for another casting! 


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