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Official Q & A...

Wednesday Q & A:

Thanks for the pleasant interview Anne...

So here I am little ole me to interview you this amazing indy author just waiting to break the scene!!!!! 

1- As a male in the field of paranormal stories with a twist of romance was it anymore challenging to capture the feelings that would entice all audiences?

A: I don’t think so. I just write what I feel. It just so happens that I write like a rockstar with the soul of an old romantic! Ha. Seriously, I enjoy the emotional stuff...always have.

2- When you wrote Ember were you seeking out the male audiences as well as the female?

A: Yes and no. I knew if I did my job right, the female audience would love Ember and they would love the perspective of Max Valentine. When it comes to the heart, we’re not that different. As for the male perspective in paranormal YA, I think it is definitely lacking. I really love a strong female lead but always wished there was more selection out there for us boys.

3- What was the inspiration for Ember?

A: In one I was sitting at my old job, bored out of my mind, when a song started playing on my iPod. It was OASIS’ “Stop Crying Your Heart Out.” Instantly I saw a boy holding on to someone important to him but slowly loosing his grip. As they fell away into a long dark fall, he passes out...that became the opening pages to Ember. From there, everything else fell into place. Ember was born from all the music in the universe, comic books and my love of 80’s movies.

4- How did you feel submitting not only a book for critique but also the music along with it?

A: Excited. The Ember series is meant to be enjoyed with the accompanying musical playlist. Every chapter has its own song...its own soundtrack. If you just browse the playlist you may wonder what “this” song is doing there and what “that” song has do with a YA book BUT when played in the right order, at the right time, it all makes sense. The music compliments the words and vice versa. A literary soundtrack! I see my stories as a movie while I write. I also hear them as well. 

5- Was it centering to have the music along with the book? I know when I read it as most others the music only made the chapters come to life.

A: That’s what I was hoping for. I know I’m not the first to use music with writing or build a playlist for the readers to follow but I think I’m one of the first to make the music so intertwined with the story. I hope one day you’ll be able to download my books and the playlists will download along with it. As you read, the songs would play with each chapter when prompted. A true expression of my imagination. That being centers everything I do in, loving, writing, healing...

6- Does the music speak through you as it does with some people ie did it guide the story that we've all fell utterly in love with?

A: At times. A half dozen chapters were directly inspired by their song(s). Those chapters basically wrote themselves. Most of the chapters were written and then dictated what song should be in the background. Each song had to add to the experience in the chapter or the emotions of the characters.

7- What was your one vice in writing the series? And can you share how this works for you?

A: Well, music would be the obvious answer but I think we’ve covered that about... “eye drops.” I’m addicted to the things! The more intense the brand, the more I like it! All the long hours staring into my computer screen wouldn’t be possible without my “eye-crack!” 

8- Your characters seem to leap off the pages and grab our hearts are they fashioned after real people in your life or did you grow to love them as singular entities?

A: Both. The main characters (Max, Asia, Samantha) are a combination of ideas and comic book characters that have rattled around my head for years BUT their words and trials are directly pulled from my experiences. For those who know me, they will see a lot of me in Max but he’s mostly made up (I wish I was that cool!). As for the girls, I wanted them to be polar opposites. Asia - tall, dark and strong. Samantha - small, soft and sweet. Some of the secondary characters are based off people I know though...and I’ve heard that at least one of them is completely flattered. (You’re welcome Uncle Frank!)

9- What can your fans come to expect in the next few books from the Ember series?

A: Twists! Twists! Twists! I love to keep the plot moving. More music, more tears and much more heartache...BUT wrapped in a beautiful bow of hope. That’s the single thread throughout the series...hope.

10- Finally are you Team Asia, Team Sam, or Team Max?

A: An impossible question to answer! (Team Oz anyone?) Depends on what chapter I am writing...


"Thanks again for the questions! Here's the link to the original interview.

Until next time...M.D.

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