Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam Summers

Casting Call Thursday!

Samantha Summers 2.0

Samantha is one of the key rolls to an Ember movie. Without her the story would not work. Smart, petite and artistic...she is Max's possible soulmate. Many people who read Ember immediately see one particular actress in the part...Hayden Panettiere.

I can see why, she's small and carries a strong confidence that my character Sam has. I never really saw her in the part when I was writing the story but I would be willing to give her a chance. I'll give credit to the young fan who first threw Hayden's name out there when I asked about casting the Ember movie..."THANKS COURT!"

Feel free to add your choices in the cast!

Be sure to check out past choices for the girl next door in the Ember series...M.D.

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