Friday, October 7, 2011


Friday Review...

I missed last weeks review because I was on a self imposed vacation from everything electronic, all the technology that buzzes throughout our busy lives. So, this weeks review will involve just There is no bigger social haven than Facebook and recently they have begun some "upgrades."

Big Brother is a term that gets thrown around a lot and the new update has not helped that gossip. In fact, the new update has made it worse. I understand tech must grow and evolve BUT the new Facebook seems to be not needed. The "news feed" used to serve its function very well but now it is completely frustrating. Instead of just showing everyone who you follow posts in the time they posted them, we get what Facebook thinks we want to see. Sometimes its dead on and other times I've found friends post from days before that never showed up in the first place.

Facebook wants you to now add lists to your feeds. If you take the time to set these up it does improve things. Separating friends from family or work associates becomes rather tiresome though if you have a bazillion friends. It does make things easier to click on individual lists once you have taken the time to separate them though....i.e. friends, family, etc.

The worst part of the new update seems to affect the public pages. I have 2, my authors page and my books personal page. Before the update anything I posted seemed to be seen easily by any and everyone following me. Now...after the update, hardly anyone seems to be seeing anything. That sucks when your trying to network and push a product. My pages traffic seems to have been cut in half or worse.

I will probably continue with my personal page but if things don't level out and settle back to a calm and functional Facebook, my commercial pages may find a new home soon...can you say Google+!'s my review...

...Facebook good. Update bad! Please fix soon...M.D.

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