Thursday, September 15, 2011

Devon Wahlberg

Casting Call!!!

Another Thursday, another pick for the cast of the future Ember movie. This week we'll concentrate on the cocky and bullheaded Devon Wahlberg. Samantha's overprotective ex boyfriend and colossal bully. He becomes Max's arch rival. His personal Lex Luthor...

I had originally saw Kellan Lutz (90210 & twilight) while I wrote the first book. He had just started the series 90210 and it was before the whole "twilight madness." He had the perfect smug and cocky overtones I used for Devon's character. Now...I don't think anyone could see him as anyone but Emmett Cullen...

When you read Ember you will find it easy to see I was very influenced by Kellan's look when describing his character. Let me know what you guys and gals think...until next time...M.D.

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