Sunday, August 21, 2011


Starting tomorrow I'll will be following a weekly schedule on this blog. Hopefully you will find it fun and revealing. Any suggestions or ideas are completely welcome...

MONDAY: Music Monday! (Discover new music from my books playlists and why I chose them. Will feature videos and more!)

TUESDAY: Linky Dinks! (Personal and favorite links that I hope everyone will find interesting.)

WEDNESDAY: Q & A! (You ask, I answer. I'll post mock interviews with myself until official interviews make their debut.)

THURSDAY: Casting Call! (Help me cast my future movies from my books. I have my favorites and hopefully you will help me discover new talent.)

FRIDAY: Reviews! (Exactly what you think, my thoughts on the latest movies, music and books.)

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Free Rant Weekends! (No rules. No limits. It's Thunderdome!)

...I hope this is the beginning of a long and fun experience...M.D.

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