Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Thunderdome!!!

Free Rant Weekends!!!

Saturday and Sunday are my days to babble on about whatever pleases or annoys me at the moment. 


I blog, therefor I am... I'm still getting the hang of this crazy thing call blogging. I want to get the word out on my writing and books but sometimes it feels like nobodies listening. Words are important and should not be wasted. Sometimes it feels like I'm wasting them with all the different venues in cyber space. To the few who have clicked on my words and took the time to read them...I thank you and hope you come back for more. 

I have found blogs that I enjoy immensely and others that seem to make me ask "why?" To each his/her own... I'm not giving up on this blogging thing, just venting slightly. 

I write because I have to. I need to. I love it. My writing and words will not change the world. My stories exist for one reason...pleasure. Escape from the big bad world that consumes so many of us everyday. Words tied together with music is a powerful being. I am just shaping that "being" into hopefully something beautiful. 

Look...listen...fade away...M.D. 

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