Friday, August 26, 2011

Addicted to Dex!!!

Review Friday!!!

My first official review. I had wanted to make my first review on a book or movie BUT as any new author can tell you; there just aren't enough hours! Sooooooo, I figured I'd review my newest and most addictive obsession...DEXTER.

Dexter is easily the best written and heart stopping show on TV (Showtime). Season 6 is almost here but I figure I should start with season 1. 

It all starts with a dark passenger...

Season 1 sets the tone for all the rest of the seasons. The story is about Dexter Morgan who is secretly a killer. He was born into this. Thankfully he has learned to channel his evil intentions towards the worst of society. (THINK BATMAN ON A REALLY BAD DAY!)

This show is almost impossible to write a review for without giving away some kind of detail or twist. So I will only say this... it is filled with cutting edge humor, excellent pacing, story twists galore and most surprising of all...heart. One warning though, everyone in the cast is fair game...choose your favorite carefully...

The show is definitely adult. No kids aloud - for good reason. 

Out of the first 5 seasons, DEXTER: SEASON 1 is one of my favorites. (SEASON 4 IS THE BENCHMARK!) Find it on blu-ray, dvd or netflix ASAP. You won't be sorry...M.D.

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